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Olympic Windsurfing Decision U Turn For Rio

Windsurfing Olympians Celebrate the Reinstatement of their Sport.

Olympic Windsurfing is back on the roster for Rio 2016. The decision is being celebrated by Olympians such as Nick Dempsey.

Olympic Windsurfing Will Return at Rio 2012

The ISAF has reversed its decision to drop windsurfing in favour of kiteboarding at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. In a dramatic move, the international governing body for sailing sports has reinstated windsurfing to the Olympic roster at the expense of kiteboarding. Professional windsurfers across the globe welcomed the announcement.

When the ISAF initially declared its intention to replace windsurfing in Rio just weeks before London 2012, the news was met with fierce condemnation from many top windsurfers, who subsequently campaigned for a reversal of the decision. British Olympic silver medalist, Nick Dempsey, blasted the decision for being out of touch and nonsensical.

Whilst the decision to reinstate windsurfing will have been warmly received by some, it is likely to have caused upset amongst pro kiteboarders. Many international board riders felt that inclusion within the 2016 Olympic program would be the making of their sports. Some riders had already started working towards qualifying for Rio in four years time.

It’s not just kiteboarders who are likely to have mixed feelings about the ISAF u-turn. Many pro windsurfers will probably be angry that their planning for Rio 2016 has been delayed as a result of the months they spent believing windsurfing had been dropped.

Preparing for the Olympics takes a very, very long time. It’s probably correct to say that many athletes began working towards 2016 within weeks of London 2012 finishing. The ability to plan ahead is vital, especially for attaining the sponsorship and financial backing needed to carry an athlete through four years of training. The uncertainty caused by the ISAF may have impacted on the ability of windsurfers to prepare for the next Olympic Games.


Words: Al Cuin

Photo: Jerry Pank (Flickr Creative Commons)

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  1. Peter Chilvers says:

    What Great news about Rio u turn. Well done to all those who lobbied for the reinstatement of Windsurfing at the 2016 Rio Olimpics. Regards Peter Chilvers

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