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BMX – Waltham Forest Track Opens to the Public

BMX Tracks Opens in London.

Inspired by the Olympic Games, a new BMX facility has opened in Walthamstow in Cheney Row.
Twenty-nine golds, seventeen silvers and nineteen bronzes made London 2012 the most successful Olympic Games for Team GB in over one hundred years. The UK may have missed a medal in the BMX contest, but elsewhere the country’s performance was immense. The massive success has already had a profound impact on the nation, with legions of ordinary Brits rediscovering a love of all things sport. It’s hoped that this renewed enthusiasm can be capitalised on, permanently transforming the United Kingdom into a sporting superpower and ensuring the good health of generations to come.
It was with the above in mind that a new BMX track in Waltham Forest was launched ten days ago. The Olympic-inspired facility is part of an ambitious project run by Access Sport in conjunction with British Cycling. The scheme will see a total of five tracks established in London in order to mark the Olympic Games. The Waltham Forest track is the first of the project’s facilities to open to the public and is now fully functioning.
The new track was launched on Saturday 11th August, the day after the world’s best BMX racers battled it out for medal glory in front of a television audience of tens of millions at the London 2012 complex. Located at Cheney Row in Walthamstow, the facility is less than five miles away from the main Olympic Park, which seems particularly fitting. Although the site has hosted dirt jumps for quite some time now, the 2012 track represents a genuine transformation of what was on offer to local kids.
The opening festivities attracted a huge crowd of eager BMXers from across London, as well as many supporters and a large dose of national and international media. The inauguration of this highly-prized community asset earned widespread praise from locals, such as Emma McGuigan. Ms MCguigan was emphatic in her joy at seeing something really positive happening in her neighbourhood.
Speaking to the press, Access Sport’s Club Development Officer, Joe McTague explained how satisfying it was to see the track being put to use by so many enthusiastic kids. The end goal of the project had always been engaging young people with sport and judging from the volume of riders putting the track to good use on the launch day, that objective had been achieved.
As well as offering local riders an opportunity to hone their skills and perfect their talents, the site will also become the permanent home of the East London Bicycle Organisation (ELBO). The group was a major driving force in the creation of the new track and will become central to its continued growth. They will be offering a program of courses every weekend, intended to provide local riders with coaching opportunities.
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Words: Al Cuin

Photo: Access Sport (c)

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