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Videos – Danny MacAskill Meets the Daredevils

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Big wave surfer, Garret McNamara, takes world record in Portugal (2011)

Scottish street trials rider, Danny MacAskill is set to star in a Channel 4 documentary due to air next Monday at 10pm. The 26-year-old internet sensation, who shot to fame in 2009 with his MTB stunt videos, will appear in C4’s “Daredevils: Life on the Edge”, an exploration of the world of extreme sports.

Daredevils: Life of the Edge will seek to explain why some sports people are willing to risk life and limb in order to achieve an adrenaline fix. It will show MacAskill travelling the world and meeting some of the most iconic and accomplished extreme athletes on the face of the planet.  He’ll also discuss the issue with a number leading psychologists and neuroscientists.

Street trials MTB rider Danny MacAskill meets Guy Martin, TT Legend and all round top bloke.Amongst the esteemed extreme sports people that Danny meets along the way is Lincolnshire TT legend and all round nice bloke, Guy Martin, who is one of the fans favourites at the Isle Man TT. He’ll also catch up with wingsuit skydiver, Jokke Sommer, who famously completed 250 jumps in just two months in order to become a skydiving instructor, as well as Garrett McNamara, who took the world record for the biggest wave surfed last year.

Channel 4 has released a series of five preview teaser videos to wet our appetites in advance of next Monday’s show. Known as “The Rules”, they provide snippets of wisdom from the extreme sports world.

Danny MacAskill: The Rules – 1. Check Your Gear:

Danny MacAskill: The Rules – 2. Remember What You’re Doing!

Danny MacAskill: The Rules – 3. Control is King!

Danny MacAskill: The Rules – 4. If In Doubt!

Danny MacAskill: The Rules – 5. Trust Your Abilities:

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