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Video – Sky Diving Crash and Comeback

Watch the video trailer below.
Proximity flying - wingsuit BASE jump accident at Table Mountain in South Africa
In January this year Jeb Corliss attempted a wingsuit B.A.S.E jump from the top of Table Mountain in South Africa. His descent was intended to be a proximity flight, which means he followed the contours of the mountain on the way down, skimming past the rocks and rubble beneath him, capturing the amazing footage on camera as he went.
Daredevli's accident at Table Mountain in Cape Town - suffers serious injuries after striking rocks on the way down
All went well until he reached the midway point of the descent where disaster struck. Corliss clipped some rocks with his legs and tumbled into freefall. Incredibly, despite suffering serious injuries, the 35-year-old daredevil was able to regain control of his wingsuit and clear several ledges, before deploying his parachute and landing at the base of the mountain. After being airlifted to hospital, Corliss was diagnosed with two broken ankles, three broken toes, a shattered fibula, a torn knee ligament and a deep gash to his left shin.
American BASE jumper reflects on a serious accident in January 2012 and his determination to resume BASE jumping as soon as possible.
Since making a full recovery, Corliss has made it clear that he intends to return to the sport he loves. The P.O.V. footage from the accident now forms part of a much hyped video titled “Jeb Corliss: the Crash and Comeback”. It shows the full drama of the Table Mountain incident, as well as Corliss’s recovery in hospital.

Words by A.L. Cuin.

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