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Video – Mass Skydiving Event Sets New World Record

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Mass Skydiving event in Illnois USA breaks world record for formation skydiving by creating a 138 person snow flake

Whilst the US, Chinese and British Olympic teams in London might be destroying world records faster than a group of merry Greeks smash plates at wedding, over on the other side of the Atlantic, an altogether different feat of global proportions was achieved yesterday. A group of 138 skydivers in Northern Illnois set a new world record for vertical skydiving after the mob of airborne daredevils leapt from 18,500 and joined together to form a giant snowflake in the sky.

The astonishing feat took 15 attempts before it was successful, with the group undertaking jumps over a period of three days in order to secure their world record. Previously, the largest mass vertical skydiving formation had involved 108 jumpers. The record had stood for 3 years, having been set in 2009, but was smashed on Saturday.

The huge skydiving event had taken months of planning before it was finally attempted. The organisers held challenging trials to identify who should take part, then sent potential participants to training camps in order to prepare them for the big jump. The 138 intrepid skydivers were accompanied on their descent by four camera operators, who captured the footage for posterity.

*** Words by A.L.Cuin ***

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