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Video – Lindsey Vonn’s Journey to Olympic Gold

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Lindsey Vonn charts her rise from Midwestern obscurity to Olympic glory

Ever wondered how international skiing champions are made? Lindsey Vonn explains all in this short youtube video, which charts the Minnesota girl’s rise from Midwestern obscurity to Olympic glory. Vonn, who is undeniably one of the greatest names in alpine skiing in the modern age, has won four skiing World Championships and is the reigning Olympic Champion.
Despite the 27-year-old’s major success, according to this video, her talent for skiing was not always immediately apparent. Erich Sailer, her first ever coach explains that when he first saw Lindsey on the slopes he was less than impressed. In his own words, he thought she was so slow that she might fall asleep.
The naysayers around Vonn didn’t defeat the support of a loving family, who backed her ambitions regardless of the doubts. Her mom quit her job in order to relocate to Vail in Colorado, where Vonn gradually transformed from skiing enthusiast to international elite.

Words by A.L.Cuin
Image and video courtesy of Vail

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