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Snowboarding and Skiing Video – Kill Your Boredom – Action Teaser

Skiing and Snowboarding Video From the Voleurz family.

Snowboarding and skiing fanatics beware! The “Kill Your Boredom” action trailer should come with a warning attached – something along the lines of “this edit is seriously addictive and will leave you hating the very nature of time and existence, because you’re going to have to wait a while for the full length version”.
an amazing skiing and snowboarding edit, well worth checking out on vimeo.
So far, from what we’ve seen from the “teaser teaser” and “action teaser”, “Kill Your Boredom” ticks all the boxes and adds a few of their own for good measure. The film is a snow sports video san qua non, which pits the snowboarders and the skiers of the Voleurz family against one another in a monumental battle royale of powdery white awesomeness.
A fantastic new vimeo video featuring some awesome skiing and snowboarding action
“Kill Your Boredom” was produced by Darren Rayner & The Voleurz Family. It features some beastly riders, including (amongst others) KC Deane, Simon d’Artois, Geoff Brown, Braden Dean, Rob Heule, Jesmond Dubeau, Shayne Zwickel, Joe Schuster, Mack Jones, Jess Millen, Justin VDP, Warren Williams, Andrew Jackson, Cody Shepherd, Josh Bibby, Barry Hartman, Jake Black, Elyse Saugstad and many more. The teaser is set to “Bad Touch” by the phenomenal Bloodhound Gang.
An amazing skiing and snowboarding teaser, making us want to travel forward in time to see the finished product.


Words: Al Cuin

Photo: Kill Your Boredom (Fair Use – Criticism and Review)

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