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US BMX Rider Connor Fields Wins Place at London 2012

Connor Fields emerged as the victor at yesterday’s BMX trails at the US Olympic Training Centre in Chula Vista, California. His win earned him a place with Team USA at the London 2012 Games, alongside top-ranked David Herman and discretionary pick Nic Long.
Connor faced extremely tough competition at yesterday’s event, going up against some of the most accomplished BMX racers in the world. In the final of 6 races he faced Mike Day, Corben Sharrah and Barry Nobles, but clinched the win with a 0.42 second lead over runner-up Day. Corben Sharrah came in third with Barry Nobles finishing last of the four finalists.
Speaking to the press Connor explained that the victory was the payoff for a life dedicated to BMX, a sport he is passionate about. His victory yesterday bears testament to his incredible determination and sporting focus in the face of adversity. In March 2011 Fields elected to undergo corrective surgery on his knee after he was diagnosed with patellofemoral pain syndrome. The operation was a success, but it caused him to miss vital training in the middle of last season. Field was forced to work extra hard in order to make-up for lost time.
With Field’s victory came the completion of Team USA’s final Olympic BMX squad. The female contingent is made up of two elite riders – Arielle Martin, who was chosen by virtue of her position as national rankings leader, and discretionary pick, Alise Post. The quintet of riders is arguably one of the strongest squads being fielded at the London 2012 BMX event.
Words by A.L.Cuin

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