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Tom Hardy Takes Up Freerunning

Tom Hardy takes up free running in preparation for Mad Max filmStar of the Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy, has taken up free running in preparation for his role in the upcoming fourth installment of the Mad Max films. According to reports in the U.K. national press, the 34-year-old actor from Hammersmith, London, was instructed to take up the sport by the director of his latest movie, George Miller, who thought it would prove useful for the action sequences.
Tom Hardy will be playing Mad Max Rockatansky in the latest edition of the post-apocalyptic series. In the 1980’s Mad Max was played by Mel Gibson and the role was widely credited with transforming the American-born Australian actor into a superstar.
Mad Max: Fury Road is due for release in 2013, so we will have to wait a while to see exactly how Hardy’s free running skills are utilised. It is not known whether the actor trained with a particular PK group, but that seems likely, given the speed at which he was required to develop his freerunning skills.
Words By A.L.Cuin
Photo Courtesy of Vanessa Lua (Flickr Creative Commons)

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