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The British Snow Tour Returns! - snow sports

September will see the British Snow Tour returning for its tenth year with a brand new format that will consolidate the season’s action into a unique three event tour. The British Snow Tour will kick off on 24th September at SNO!Zone in Castleford with the British Indoor Championship, before heading to Earls Court in London for the London Ski and Snowboard Show, which will feature the British Invitational Championship on 21st October. Finally, the Tour will head to Laax in Switzerland in March next year for the BRITS, a festival of professional and amateur snow sports, with live music and more.

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The British Indoor Championship (the first stage of the tour) will see the introduction of “The Rebellion”, a brand new competition course that boasts two distinct lines of rails and boxes running simultaneously. The Rebellion promises to change the face of British indoor snow sports. The ‘Rail Slayer’ title will be awarded to the participant who deploys the most impressive skills on the metal. The ‘Jib Master’ will go to whoever conclusively destroys and conquers the box-zone. Only those who are capable of defeating both zones stand a chance of claiming the coveted British Indoor Championship title.

The seeded riders from last year’s British Snow Tour ranking list are: Jordan Gee (snowboard), Chris McCormick (ski), Katie Ormerod (snowboard) and Katie Summerhayes (ski). These riders will enjoy the added benefit of running in reverse order at this year’s event, allowing them the opportunity to observe the rest of the field before they compete.

The team behind the British Snow Tour appear to have taken a strategic decision to scale-down and consolidate the content of the tour temporarily. Spencer Claridge, Director of British Snow Tour put out a statement on the event’s website saying: “Despite having flown in the face of commercial pressures over the past few difficult years of a global recession which has hit all sectors – slopes, retailers, sponsors and competitors pockets – the decision has been taken to consolidate the British Snow Tour into a three event Tour for 2011/12, so that we may bring it back in its entirety in future years”. Ten years on, the British Snow Tour may have temporarily streamlined, but it still promises to be an awesome experience and the central fixture of the U.K. snow sports scene. Long may it continue.

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