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Skydiving Accident Caught on Camera

Daredevil Survives 8,000 foot Skydive Accident.

Daredevil survives massive freefall - skydiving accident caught on camera

An American skydiver is lucky to be alive after surviving a massive skydiving accident. Craig Stappleton, 51, fell 8,000 feet when both of his parachutes failed to deploy during a skydive. The terrifying ordeal was caught on camera by his jump partner.

Skydiving accident caught on camera

Luckily for Craig, who had more than 7,000 jumps under his belt at the time, a number of factors combined to slow his speed and cushion his impact with the ground. He landed in a vineyard, which had been freshly mulched, providing a soft, cushiony surface. As well as this, although both his parachutes were tangled, they still succeeded in slowing his speed to 30 miles an hour.

Speaking to the press, Craig explained that after free falling for almost 2,000 feet, he realised the situation was critical and there was a serious chance he might die. When he landed in the mud of the vineyard, Craig was understandably overjoyed to still be alive. Remarkably, he sustained just one dislocated shoulder and some bruising as a result of this skydiving accident.


Words: Al Cuin

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