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The British Snow Tour Returns!

The British Snow Tour Returns!
September will see the British Snow Tour returning for its tenth year with a brand new format that will consolidate the season’s action into a unique three event tour. The British Snow Tour will kick off on 24th September at SNO!Zone in Castleford with the British Indoor Championship, before heading to Earls Court in London for the London Ski and Snowboard Show, which will feature the British... 

Extreme Snow Sports in the U.K.

Snow sports are without question some of the most extreme sports on offer. Snowboarding, Skiing, Snowkiting and Ice Climbing all have highly adrenaline inducing content. With each, the pursuit of the thrill is tinged with personal danger.  It was revealed recently that one in ten of the thousands of Winter Olympic athletes who competed at the 2010 event in Vancouver, Canada, were injured. Snowboarding... 
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