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Battle Royale on Snow and Ice.

Battle Royale on Snow and Ice.
Ask the average Brit what comes to mind when they think of surfing and they’d probably name some sun-drenched beach on the coast of Australia or California. Mention sailing and they’d likely think of Cowes Week and the Queen’s Cup. Few would associate either pursuit with snowsports. This is despite the fact that snow sailing and snow surfing have been practiced for many, many years... 

Extreme Snow Sports in the U.K.

Snow sports are without question some of the most extreme sports on offer. Snowboarding, Skiing, Snowkiting and Ice Climbing all have highly adrenaline inducing content. With each, the pursuit of the thrill is tinged with personal danger.  It was revealed recently that one in ten of the thousands of Winter Olympic athletes who competed at the 2010 event in Vancouver, Canada, were injured. Snowboarding... 
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