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Ryan Doyle Freerunning in China – Official Video

Ryan Doyle Freerunning in China - Official Video
Freerunner Ryan Doyle Goes Jackie Chan at the Great Wall. China was always going to be high up Ryan Doyle’s list of dream locations for his freerunning tour of the world. The 28-year-old parkour world champion is well known for his love of traditional Chinese martial arts, so a trip to China offered a perfect excuse to indulge this passion. “Ryan Doyle in China” has just been released by Red... 

Ryan Doyle and Parkour Commune – Freerunning In China – Video

Ryan Doyle and Parkour Commune - Freerunning In China - Video
Freerunning in the Land of the Dragon. A new video has been released on Youtube featuring footage of British freerunning elite Ryan Doyle, practising his art with a team of Chinese traceurs, who go by the name of Parkour Commune. The short film was shot during Ryan Doyle’s recent trip to China, which was sadly cut short due to ill health. - Modern China isn’t exactly known for spontaneous acts... 

Skate Every Damn Day – Video Review

Skate Every Damn Day - Video Review
*** Watch the Video Below *** Asides from properly lucking out when it comes to your genetic inheritance, how do you acquire the major skills needed to become a world-class skate pro. The lads at Nike SB reckon they’ve got the answer and let’s face it, they’re pretty well placed to give advice. So what is the key to every skaters’ dream? What is the holy grail of skate life? It’s simple... 

BASE Jumping the World’s Highest Bridge

BASE Jumping the World's Highest Bridge
A group of 30 daredevils have BASE jumped the world’s highest bridge. Located in Anshun City in southwest China, the Balinghe Bridge has a length of 2,237 meters and a span of 1,088 meters. With a clearance of 375 meters above the river below, it is the world’s highest bridge and a natural magnet for the international BASE jumping community. - The only problem with jumping the Balinghe Bridge is... 
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