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Snowboarding Video – Wanderlust Trailer Review

New Snowboarding Series From Roxy

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Snowboarding - Wonderlust has teamed up with Peep Show to you a new all-female snowboarding series - WanderlustIt’s up for debate as to how many animal-skin-filled-wardrobes you’d have to grope your way through before you stumbled upon the Roxy crew, but at least these snow queens aren’t bent on destroying the world of men. Quite the contrary in fact, the snowboarding ladies of Roxy are here to entertain us all and that’s precisely what they do in their latest web series – Wanderlust. Combining the legendary talents of Roxy with the filmmaking super skills of Peep Show, Wanderlust looks set to become a favourite of powder fans across the globe.
Wanderlust features contributions from a collection of the world’s most esteemed female snowboarders, including Aussie Olympic halfpipe gold medalist, Torah Bright. Torah pays a trip to Salt Lake City, where she rides the now infamous Park City pipe, putting in some unbelievable moves in the process. The series also features stints from the likes of Corinne Pasela, Marie-Andree Racine, Danyale Patterson, Robin Van Gyn, Erin Comstock, Ty Walker and Kjersti Buass.

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Image and Videos: Roxy / Peep Show (Fair Use – Criticism and Review)

Words: Al Cuin

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