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Warren Miller Film Tour Arrives in London

Achieving the Flow State – Warren Miller Film Tour.

The beginning of the ski season is on the horizon. Why not wet your appetite for freshly fallen powder by checking out the Warren Miller Film Tour? Due to hit London tomorrow, the tour will be showcasing Flow State, Warren Miller Entertainment’s 63rd film.

Warren Miller Film Tour

Flow State promises to maintain the high standards set by Warren Miller Film Tours of the past. Judging from the trailer, you should expect typically world class shredding to be accompanied by some deeper psychological and philosophical insights. Achieving perfect harmony with the snow and slopes is the pathway to the flow state. It is total immersion in moment that overrides time itself.

As usual, the guys at Warren Miller Entertainment were creative with their choice of locations. They sent their team riders and crew across the globe in order to deliver a stellar snow sports film. Alaska, Utah, Japan, Norway and Austria are all feature in the film.

The Warren Miller Film Tour arrives in London tomorrow. The film will premiere at the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square. Tickets are available at

Warren Miller Film Tour -  Epic Skiing Film will be hitting London tomorrow, showcasing some of the best powder action of 2012.


Photo and Video: Warren Miller Entertainment

Words: Al Cuin

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