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Skiing or Snowboarding – Which is the more dangerous?

A recent report by the American Ski Areas Association has found skiing to be the deadliest snowsport of them all. According to the Daily Mail, the recently published research shows that whilst snowboarding causes more injuries overall, skiing accidents are more likely to be fatal. This revelation defies popular opinion, as generally speaking, snowboarding is perceived as the riskiest extreme snowsport.

The scientists at the American Ski Areas Association attribute the higher risk attached to skiing to the high speeds that can be achieved whilst on a ski slope. This leads to an increased risk of a collision with an object or another skier. On average, skiers can achieve much greater speeds then snowboarders. Snowboarders, on the other hand, are more likely to attempt free styling moves, much like you would find in skateboarding, which results in a higher risk of (non-fatal) injury overall.

Whilst this is a significant factor, it doesn’t explain the situation entirely. It is very important to consider the types of people who are likely to be taking part in either sport. Snowboarding is still somewhat counter-cultural, unlike skiing, and it is therefore less likely to attract novice participants. Those who do take part in snowboarding are likely to have prior experience of extreme sports.  Skiing is now quite mainstream and is generally far more accessible to newbies, who might be less capable of identifying the risks. So whilst snowboarding may pose a bigger risk of injury due to the tricks and moves performed by participants, these participants are less likely to experience serious injury.

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