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Kevin Romar – Surprise, You’re Pro

Kevin Romar Inaugurated As A Skateboarding Elite.

Going pro is pretty much every committed skateboarder’s dream, equivalent to winning the lottery for most. So imagine how 24-year-old skateboarding devotee, Kevin Romar must have felt when his sponsors Blind Skateboards surprised him with the news that they were making him into a pro.

Skateboarder, Kevin Romar has been made into a pro by sponsors Blind Skateboards at a surprise celebration.

Kevin Romar – Pro Party

Californian skater Kevin Romar was invited to party at the Red Room in Long Beach, California, under the guise of promoting a recent amateur edit for Supra. Instead of finding a bunch of PR people waiting for him, he walked into a room packed with big names from skateboarding and decorated with his very own Romar-branded skateboards from wall to wall.

Amongst those in attendance to bear witness to Kevin Romar’s coronation as a pro skateboarder were Sean Sheffey, Chad Muska and Stevie Williams. Speaking to ESPN, Kevin Romar explained that he was in total shock and couldn’t believe he was actually being made into a pro.


Photo: Manny Valdes - Flickr Creative Commons (cc-by-2.0)

Words: Al Cuin

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