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Skateboarding – Chaz Ortiz in The Hot Seat – Video

Skateboarder Chaz Ortiz Reveals Secrets of Opening Line.

When “The Chaz Ortiz Video” hit the net back in July of this year, the edit caused a bit of a chatter amongst the international board rider fraternity. The Zoo York pro skateboarder managed to put beyond doubt his right to be ranked alongside the best in the world, by serving up out an eye wateringly tasty session. In particular, his opening high speed rail to bench to double set opening line caused a bit of a rumble out there internet land.

Bench - part of the opening line in Zoo York's "The Chaz Ortiz Video" released in July of this year

Now Chaz Ortiz answers some questions about his skateboarding magnus opus, courtesy of CCS and their Hot Seat interviews. Ortiz reveals some the prep work that went into readying the shoot locations for the now infamous line of his part, which was filmed in Boston.

Skateboarder Chaz Ortiz talks about his opening part in Zoo York's "The Chaz Ortiz Video" 2012

Originally he was only going to try the double set at the location because the rails were dodgy and the surrounded by a nasty crack, but a quick bit of sprucing by the Zoo York crew and the things soon grew. After a few attempts, the 18 year old pro got it down perfectly and the rest is skateboarding history.


Image and Video: CCS (fair use – criticism and review)

Words: Al Cuin

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