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Shaun White Arrest – Snowboarder Given Clean Slate.


Shaun White Arrest - Snowboarding legend has a reason to smile after receiving news that criminal charges against him had been dropped.

Shaun White has good reason to celebrate the arrival of 2013. The 26-year-old snowboarder-cum-skater received some very welcome news this week when criminal charges against him were dismissed. White, who is currently in training for the US Snowboarding Association’s Sprint Grand Prix, can now concentrate fully on qualifying for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

The Shaun White Arrest Story

Last year, the “Shaun White arrest” hit the headlines across the globe thanks to an uncharacteristic drunken outburst at a Nashville hotel. The incident resulted in the double Olympic gold medalist being arrested for public intoxication and vandalism in September 2012. Eyewitnesses claimed that White had been drinking heavily at the wedding of a celebrity friend and had become intoxicated and disorderly by the end of the evening.

Shaun White offered a public apology for his behaviour and agreed to pay for any damage caused during his drunken frolic. He also undertook a period of court-mandated community service, which he successfully completed.


Words: Al Cuin

Photo: Veronica Belmont {CC-2.0}

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