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Shaun White Apologises for Drunken Baffoonery

Shaun White Proves He’s Not Actually Boring.

Boasting a pretty shiner, Shaun White poses for his police mugshot following his arrest for vandalism and public intoxication.

Shaun White has issued a statement apologising for his behaviour at a hotel last week. The Olympic snowboarding gold medalist is alleged to have smashed-up a hotel room in Nashville, providing the perfect rock n’ roll conclusion to a day of alcohol-fuelled hijinx at a Black Keys wedding. The 26-year-old sporting superstar was arrested on charges of public intoxication and vandalism after apparently attempting to flee the hotel in the small hours of the morning.

White was quick to issue an apology for his “unwise choices” and any “inconvenience” that his behaviour may have caused. The highly decorated skateboarding and snow sports pro used his Facebook account to make the statement and explained that he had basically got caught up in the moment. News of Shaun White’s allegedly criminal indiscretions has come to light a matter of weeks after he made headlines around the world following an announcement that he intended to lobby the IOC to admit skateboarding to the Olympic roster.

According to celebrity gossip website, TMZ, witnesses reported seeing Shaun White get progressively drunk throughout the day, as he regularly swigged from his own private stash of vodka. One guest alleged that they’d witnessed the snowboarder downing between 12 and 15 shots of the potent alcoholic spirit. Further witnesses claimed that after being confronted for his antics by annoyed hotel staff he proceeded to activate fire alarms, before attempting to flee the building.

Although most media has chosen to report this incident as being highly embarrassing, there must be quite a few people out there who were pleased to read that Shaun White still has a party animal heart beating inside of him. Hangovers and potential criminal charges aside, this episode will definitely help dispel a growing belief that White, a true icon of extreme sport, has been rendered into a boring, anodyne, money-loving brand, who’s too scared of offending his sponsors to put a foot wrong.


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Words: Al Cuin

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