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Shanaze Reade Highlights BMX Social Benefits.

Team GB BMX rider, Shanaze Reade, highlights the social benefits of BMXSpeaking to the Evening Standard, Britain’s Olympic gold medal hopeful, Shanaze Read, has highlighted the social benefits of investing in local sports infrastructure. The triple World Champion BMXrider insisted that encouraging participation in sporting activities could help direct wayward youths away from a life of crime, giving them “something to get up in the mornings for”.The 23-year-old athlete was talking about the the BMX Olympic Legacy Project, which has established five new BMX parks in London, one in each of the boroughs hosting Olympic events. In is hoped that such investment will inspire a new generation of British athletes across the United Kingdom.
The social value of sports is well established. Self-discipline, motivation, self-esteem and confidence are all widely recognised as associated benefits, as well as improvements to health and general well-being obviously.
The British Government has acknowledged that traditional sports, such cricket and rugby, are not engaging young people as effectively as they did previously. Conversely, the popularity of extreme sports, such as BMX, parkour, MTB and skateboarding, is literally booming. Any public initiative designed to enhance participation in sports ought to recognise this trend and a place a greater emphasis on the sports young people are actually interested in.
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