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Sense of Flying – Amazing Wingsuit Skydiving Video

Sensational new footage of a wingsuit skydiving daredevil has been released on Youtube. The video, which shows Norwegian adrenaline junkie, Espen Fadnes flying through the air at 155 miles an hour, is set to become an internet sensation. Fadnes, or the Flying Squirrel as he is also known, made the video in order to communicate his passion for his chosen extreme sport.

The Sense of Flying video shows Fadnes, who was the 2010 World Base Race champion, leaping from the tops of cliffs and diving over 1,200 metres to the bottom of valleys and fjords. Innovative new filming techniques have been utilised to capture the amazing footage from a number of different angles, giving viewers a rare insight into one of the world’s most extreme sports.

The sensational video has to be seen to be believed, but it’s probably best avoided is you’re scared of heights. Enjoy!

*** Photograph courtesy of Richard Schneider ***

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