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Sculptor’s Tribute to Cornish Surfing

Renowned sculptor, Rory Te’ Tigo, has erected two giant granite sculptures alongside A30 in West Cornwall, named Surfer 1 and Surfer 2. According to BBC Cornwall, the sculptures combine the ancient Celtic style that Cornwall is so famous for with a reflection on modern Cornish surfing life.

Mr Te’ Tigo, who became well-known for his work ‘The Mermaid of Zennor’, said:

“Surfer 1 and Surfer 2 are made from Cornish granite, integrating surf culture into Celtic ideas and Celtic life as something that is happening right now.” (from

The sculptures highlight the fusion between modern Cornish culture and ancient local traditions, which are as old as the hills. They also represent yet another high profile celebration of Cornwall’s surfing heritage, following hot on the heels of the opening of a new surfing museum in Cornwall. Surfing has established a place at the very heart of modern Cornish culture and, likewise, Cornwall has won widespread recognition as an important location on the international surf map. The work of Rory Te’ Tigo will only serve to cement this position further.

*** Photograph By Mike Baird ***

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