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Freerunning video – Ryan Doyle in Jordan

Freerunning Video: Ryan Doyle in the Desert.

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Freerunner Ryan Doyle, leaps in the Arabian Desert, as he tries to land a jump between two sandy cliffs.

If you’re willing to ignore the snakes, scorpions and scorching hot sunshine, the desert actually has a lot to offer freerunners. According to two-times Art of Motion winner, Ryan Doyle, the big upside of practicing freerunning in this hostile environment is the prevalence of sand, a natural crash mat that significantly reduces the possibility of injury.

Ryan Doyle leaps across the desert whilst visiting Jordan. The sun beats down on the Liverpudlian freerunning expert as he tricks his way across the desert.

With this in mind, the scouse freerunning master, who was visiting the ancient Jordanian city of Petra as part of his Red Bull World Tour, took full advantage of the Arabian Desert conditions to push the limits of his acrobatic stunts. The soft landing encouraged the freerunning ace to be extra daring in his approach.

Freerunning legend Ryan Doyle takes in the view at the ancient city of Petra and considers his next move.

As well as savoring the opportunity to trick in desert, Ryan also discovered his inner archaeologist whilst in Jordan. The 2,500-year-old city Petra is a truly unique historical oddity and unlike anything found within the United Kingdom. The entire city was constructed by cutting into the stone of Mount Hor, yet the buildings are as complex and beautiful as any city from antiquity. Seeing one of the world’s best freerunners in action in such an unusual place is a very special treat and highly recommended. It is a feast of freerunning that is unlikely to be replicated anytime soon.


Words: Al Cuin

Images and Video: Red Bull (c) – (Fair Use – Criticism and Review).

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