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Ryan Doyle – Parkour in Dubai


Parkour in Dubai

British freerunning superstar, Ryan Doyle hit the mean streets of Dubai in the latest installment of a worldwide tour sponsored by extreme sports giant Red Bull. The video shows the two-time Art of Motion winner jumping and leaping across the dusty rooftops of the city-state in a typically awesome display of gravity-defying acrobatics.
Ryan Doyle goes freerunning in the desert state of Dubai.
Ryan Doyle is widely recognised as one of the world’s top freerunners. His video edits have attracted millions of views from across the globe and he is credited with having had a tangible influence on the development of the sport.
Parkour in Dubai - Freerunning superstar, Ryan Doyle, goes freerunning in the desert
Last year, Ryan Doyle undertook an extraordinary international tour that saw the 28-year-old let loose at some of the world’s most iconic historical sites. From the Taj Mahal to the Machu Picchu, Doyle was given the opportunity to practice his art amongst the wonders on the world. He also paid a visit to China, where he was the granted rare permission to freerun on the Great Wall.


Words: Al Cuin

Images and Video: Red Bull (c)

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