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Ryan Doyle Freerunning in China – Official Video

Freerunner Ryan Doyle Goes Jackie Chan at the Great Wall.

Freerunning in China with Ryan Doyle - the land of Kung Fu, strange foods and the Great Wall

China was always going to be high up Ryan Doyle’s list of dream locations for his freerunning tour of the world. The 28-year-old parkour world champion is well known for his love of traditional Chinese martial arts, so a trip to China offered a perfect excuse to indulge this passion.

“Ryan Doyle in China” has just been released by Red Bull. The video continues Doyle’s epic exploration of world heritage sites, exploring history and culture through the eyes of a traceur. We’ve already been treated to edits documenting his visits to Rome, Brazil, Peru, Jordan and India. Now it is the turn of China to host the British freerunning sensation.

The video opens with a brilliant kung fu film parody, showing Doyle taking on a quartet of Chinese traceurs in a highly stylised fight scene. The lads turn out to be friends rather than foes. They are members of Parkour Commune, a local freerunning group, that has agreed to accompany Doyle on this stretch of the world tour.

Asides from the opening action sequence, Doyle gets a further taste of traditional Chinese martial arts when he is given the rare opportunity to train with an authentic Chinese sifu, a highly skilled kung fu teacher. The sifu is happy to give the Liverpudlian traceur a few pointers and tips on technique and style.

The video of course culminates with a trip to the Great Wall. Ryan Doyle explains that whilst it’s a massive privilege to be able to freerun at this world famous ancient monument, it doesn’t actually offer the best physical features for him to practice his art. Nonetheless, he goes on to pull out some pretty impressive moves, demonstrating once again why he’s considered one of the best freerunners in the world.


Image and Video: Red Bull (Fair Use – Criticism and Review)

Words: Al Cuin

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