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Ryan Doyle and Parkour Commune – Freerunning In China – Video

Freerunning in the Land of the Dragon.

A Chinese freerunner sizes up a jump before he makes it, during a session with British traceur Ryan DoyleA new video has been released on Youtube featuring footage of British freerunning elite Ryan Doyle, practising his art with a team of Chinese traceurs, who go by the name of Parkour Commune. The short film was shot during Ryan Doyle’s recent trip to China, which was sadly cut short due to ill health.
Modern China isn’t exactly known for spontaneous acts of freedom, which is ironic given that the country is home to so many of the world’s greatest and most expressive martial arts. Whilst Kung Fu for example has strong connotations to physical discipline, it has at its root the Taoist philosophies of ancient China, which venerate harmony and the free flow of natural forces above all else.
The guys who make up Parkour Commune clearly have a lot of talent between them, which makes this video an enjoyable watch for any fans of the sport. It’s not the best  shot freerunning edit out there, but it’s interesting to see the Chinese take on a European phenomenon that draws so much influence from the traditions of East Asia.


Image and Video: Parkour Commune (Fair Use – Criticism and Review)

Words: Al Cuin

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