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RIP Nelson Pratt – Leading British Snowboarder Mourned By Snow Elites

In Memory of Nelson Pratt

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It’s pretty rare to come across anyone in this life who uniformly inspires nothing but admiration, respect and love from their fellow man, but judging from the touching tributes being paid to Nelson Pratt, that is exactly what this extraordinary 33-year-old snowboarder achieved. Tragically, the death of Nelson Pratt was announced a few days ago; since which time we’ve witnessed a huge outpouring of grief from all those he worked with. The leading lights of British snowsports have been paying humbling tribute to his memory and achievements in life.
Nelson Pratt was a Champion British snowboarder and a much-loved coach for Team GB and the British Army. Affectionately known as “Nelly” by his friends, Nelson had been a sine qua non of British snowboarding for 10 years or more. Amongst the many leading British snowboarders who had worked with Nelson was rising star, Jamie Nicholls, who yesterday paid tribute to “a great coach” and “the nicest person you would ever meet”.
Someone a lot wiser than me once said that “grief is the price we pay for love”. Clearly, Nelson effortlessly inspired so much love amongst his friends and colleagues that the debt of sorrow at his passing is unbearable for those who knew him. Some people are considered great for fighting great wars, others for achieving great deeds, but in fact, true greatness derives from the effect we have on the lives of those around us. For this reason above all others, Nelson Pratt will be remembered as a great man. RIP.
Words By A.L.Cuin

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