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Public Consultation on Stratford Velopark Begins.

Yesterday marked the opening of a public consultation period intended to garner opinion on the new designs for the Olympic Velopark at Stratford. The designs will be used as part of the London 2012 legacy project and focus on mountain bike and BMX facilties, as well as the road circuit. Future users are being invited to give their thoughts on the new plans and to offer views on potential problems or improvements. The process kicked-off last week with a pre-consultation meeting, attended by local residents and biking groups, but yesterday marked the official opening of the public consultation.

The new plans have made some significant alterations to the Olympic park’s layout. These alterations are intended to transform the venue into a public facility. The track circuit will be 56 metres longer and its layout will be altered to allow more flexible use (ie different length tracks and shorter training circuits). Controversially, few changes have been planned for the BMX facility. Some commentators have observed that the degree of difficulty represented by the Olympic BMX park makes it inappropriate for use as a public facility. Some have suggested that the park will need to be fenced-off as a matter of health and safety.

The mountain bike facilities at the Olympic Velopark will also be altered under the new plans. The track, which has been enlarged, will now extend into the neighbouring borough of Waltham Forest. Unfortunately, it will also cross a foot path in a public park, which has caused a lot of concern amongst cycling groups. Whilst proper stewarding would remove the risk of accidents during events and championships, such marshaling will not be available constantly. The worry is that the footpath crossing would present a risk to cyclists and walkers when the facility is being used by the public or for training purposes.

Anyone interested in giving their view has until 11th November 2011 to have their say.

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