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Parkour – Behind the Scenes – Assassins Creed Meets Parkour

The Making of One of the Most Successful Parkour Videos of All Time

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Roof top leap from a highly successful parkour parody of video game, Assassins CreedFor a brief period, my Google Alerts stream was filled with Assassins Creed 3, not because I am a gamer, but because the newest installment of the game will see the return of its popular “parkour” moves. At the same time news of the updated inclusion was made public, a promotional video was released featuring a real life assassins creed traceur in a modern cityscape setting. Soon after, a tsunami of chat swept the parkour-related blogosphere, making Assassins Creed temporarily inescapable for anyone that follows the sport.
The short film is pretty much faultless. It was put together by Devin Graham, a youtuber with almost half a million followers tracking his account. His talents are evident in this well-shot, well-edited promo film. It includes a good soundtrack, nicely played special effects, great costume design and, above all, some awesome parkour moves from traceur Ronnie Shalvis.
It’s no surprise that “Assassins Creed Meets Parkour” has already pulled in over seven million hits on youtube in under two weeks, crowbarring the game’s brand into the cyber conscious of many parkour fans in the process. As a viral video, it is a work-of-art and as a parkour video it’s one of the most successful youtube edits put out in years.
Purist fans of either parkour or Assassins Creed could possibly find fault with the video, not least because of the choice of moves included, but whatever criticisms are levelled, the film remains appealing. The viewing figures and positive feedback are definite proof of its magnetism.
This isn’t the first time a parkour video has parodied Assassins Creed. One of the world’s best freerunners, Ryan Doyle, made an Assassin’s Creed themed video in Turkey about a year ago. Other video makers have released variants on Devin Graham’s video, some of which have been very successful, but the thing that makes Graham’s video different is the extent to which it convincingly mimics the experience of watching video game footage.
Shortly after the video was released, Devin Graham, the director and producer, put together a “making of” video, titled “Behind the Scenes – Assassins Creed Meets Parkour”. The video reveals just how carefully thought-out and intelligently crafted the project was. From the choice of location and custom design through to the shooting process and post-production edit, attention to detail makes this parkour video effective and likeable.

Assassins Creed Meets Parkour – Real Life

Behind the Scenes – Assassins Creed Meets Parkour:


Videos and Image: Devin Super Tramp / Devin Graham (Fair Use – Criticism and Review).

Words: Al Cuin

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