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Olympic Legacy BMX Track Opens this Weekend

A new Olympic-inspired BMX track and club will launch in Waltham Forest this weekend
If you live in the U.K. you would need to have spent the last week down a very deep hole in order to have missed just how well Team GB is doing at the London Olympics. For a small country, Britain is punching well above its weight, having secured a healthy clutch of golds already, with more likely to come rolling in over the next few days.
One of the questions that keeps being knocked around by British Olympic pundits and commentators is how exactly does the country keep this momentum going, so that similar successes are seen at Rio 2016? How do the powers-that-be ensure that the Olympic Games have a durable impact on the nation, helping to deliver-up more athletes of the calibre we are seeing compete at the moment?
One answer to this hotly debated question du jour is ensuring that young people are given the greatest number of opportunities to engage with sport at a local as is possible. This is precisely what Access Sport is hoping their Olympic-inspired BMX Legacy Project will achieve. The ambitious scheme has seen the establishment of five new volunteer-led BMX clubs and tracks in London, one in each of the Olympic boroughs.
This coming Saturday will see the official opening of the Waltham Forest BMX track. The facility is open to all and free of charge for riders. It will become the new official home of the East London Bicycle Organisation (ELBO), which will provide weekly coaching sessions to anyone wishing to develop their BMX skills.
The official launch of this fantastic new facility will take place on Saturday, August 11th from 2pm – 7pm at Cheney Row Open Space. For more information, please check the ELBO Facebook Page by following this link:
Words By A.L.Cuin.

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