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Olympic Futures – New Sports For The World

Will parkour / freerunning be including at the Olympic Games at any point in the future?
London 2012 is drawing to a spectacular conclusion. Now the world can get on with looking forward to Rio 2016 and the mega-fiesta that will await the human race when the world’s largest sporting event touches down in South America for the first time.

Already debate has begun as to which sports should be added to the Olympic roster to ensure the format remains fresh and engaging. The inclusion of kitesurfing in 2016 at the expense of windsurfing is just one example of the shake-up, but there are likely to be more in the pipelines, so we thought we’d put our collective mind to which sports should be added to the Olympic Games.

Mixed Martial Arts:

It’s a funny state of affairs that MMA can incite such fervent opposition when judo, wrestling and taekwondo are all part of the Olympic mainstream. Perhaps the inclusion of Mixed Martial Arts in the Olympic roster would help go someway to making this combat sport more understandable. The case in its favour includes the fact that MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, which should be persuasive by anyone’s standards.


Shaun White was in London this week to make the case for skateboarding at the Olympic Games. The skater-cum-snowboarder has won multiple golds at the Winter Games, but is yet to partake in the summer version. There are strong arguments in favour of including skateboarding at the Olympics, which include its devastatingly strong appeal to young people. However, there is a growing body of opposition to the inclusion of skate at the Olympics, which includes many hardcore skaters, who argue that skateboarding is totally incompatible with the Games.


Parkour or Freerunning is one of the fastest growing sports on the face of the planet, but it is unlikely that parkour would make an appearance the Olympic Games anytime soon. If it did, it would need to be judged on a similar basis to Olympic diving and gymnastics, utilising a panel of experts.

Freestyle BMX:

Undeniably the BMX racing at London 2012 was one of the biggest hit. The world was on the edge of its collective seat watching Mariana, Magalie, Liam, Maris, Sam, Shanaze, Caroline, Carlos, Laura, David and Sarah battle it out for medals in the final. According to rumour Brazil may well see the inclusion of Freestyle BMX amongst its events. If it does, it will be judged on a similar basis to other artistic sports, such as those horsey events involving rich people.

Rock Climbing:

Rock climbing has been a popular sport since God first invented mountains and cliff faces, but in recent times it has come into its own. Across the world bespoke rock climbing facilities are opening every day, offering tens of thousands of enthusiasts the opportunity to hone their skills. Rock climbing races would fit comfortably into the current Summer Olympic format, offering a competition that would be easily discernible by the public.
Words By A.L.Cuin

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