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Olympic BMX Semifinal Results

The participants of today’s Olympic BMX battle royale have been decided.

The eight men’s riders in the final will be: Sam Willoughby (Australia), Twan van Gendt (The Netherlands), Maris Strombergs (Latvia), Carlos Mario Oquendo (Colombia), Liam Phillips (Great Britain), Connor Fields (USA), Raymon van der Biezen (The Netherlands), A.E. Jimenez Caicedo (Colombia)

The eight women’s rider in the final will be: Shanaze Reade (Great Britain), Caroline Buchanan (Australia), Crane Brooke (USA), Laetitia le Corguille (France), Mariana Pajon (Colombia), Magalie Pottier (France), Laura Smudlers (The Netherlands) and Sarah Walker (New Zealand).

Here is a breakdown of the action from today’s semifinal races.

Women’s BMX Semifinal

First Heat

First Run – The first Heat proved to be a battle between Australia’s Caroline Buchanan and the U.K.’s Shanaze Reade. Buchanan took the win, followed closely by Reade in second place and Alise Post of the USA in third.

Second Run – A painful faceplant courtesy of Laetitia Le Corguille of France almost took out Alise Post, dramatically impacting on the American’s performance. Shanaze Reade managed to take a conclusive win, followed by Caroline Buchanan, who fought her way back into the competition expertly after getting caught in the crowd. Stefany Hernandez finished in third.

Third Run – The battle remained between Buchanan and Reade. The Brit appeared to take a slightly laid back approach, not challenging for the lead. Kiwi Lauren Reynolds and American Alise Post did not finish, but an injured Alise Post proved her inner steel by walking to the finish line.

Second Heat

First Run – A convincing win from  Pajon, who was hotly pursued by reigning world champion Magalie Pottier. A fall by Brazil’s Squel Stein led to an early departure from the contest for the rider.

Second Run – Down to seven riders following the departure of Stein. Pajon won convincingly, but was closely pursued by Magalie Pottier again.

Third Run – Another convincing win from Pajon aptly demonstrated why the Colombian is considered one of the best in the world. Again closely followed by the French rider Magalie Pottier.


First Heat

First Run – Khalen Young crashes taking out half the competitive field including Connor Fields, leaving Liam Phillips and Raymon van der Biezen free to finish unimpeded. Young received a warning.

Second Run – Conor Fields shows what he can do when he is unimpeded and takes the win. He is followed by Raymon van der Biezen and Liam Phillips respectively.

Third Run – Connor Fields takes the win again, followed Treimanis and Jimenez. British rider Liam Phillips finishes in fourth and appears to take a more relaxed approach, perhaps attempting to avoid injury.

Second Heat

First Run – Aussie rider, Sam Willoughby wins, but receives a warning. Marc Willers of New Zealand takes a very nasty faceplant. Oquendo of Colombia comes in second followed by David Herman of the USA.

Second Run- Marc Willers takes part despite his nasty crash, proving a level of determination that should shame us mere mortals. Aussie Willoughby finishes first again followed by van Gendt of the Netherlands.

Third Run – Sam Willoughby manages to overcome a really bad start to finish third. Jordin Daudet crashes, effectively ending David Herman’s race in the process. Under pressure Olympic Champion Stromberg of Latvia steps up and delivers, fighting his way to third place. Van Gendt takes a very impressive win.


Words By A.L.Cuin

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