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Lindsey Vonn Recovering in Hospital.

Lindsey Vonn Responds Well to Rehab.

Skiing downhill can be dangerous

Lindsey Vonn Recovering

Skiing superstar, Lindsey Vonn is reported to be recovering well in rehab after treatment for her most serious sporting injury to date.

The 28-year-old Olympic gold medalist has recently undergone reconstructive surgery on her knee, following a devastating crash earlier this year. The injuries sustained were so serious that many feared the incident may prevent Vonn from defending her Olympic title.

Vonn sustained her injuries at the World Alpine Championships. Before her crash, she had been distinguished by the fact that she had never suffered a serious knee injury. This made her particularly unusual amongst her fellow competitive skiers. However, this all came to an end on 5th February 2013 when Vonn tore her anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament in her right knee. She also suffered a fracture of her tibial plateau.

Fortunately for Vonn, her treatment and rehabilitation seem to be progressing remarkably well. According to reports, she is now walking with the aid of just one crutch. This is a good sign of speedy progress back to full health.

The day of her surgery (February 10th 2013) was exactly one year to the day before the first scheduled event of the 2014 Winter Olympics, making the challenge of timely recovery even more important. Lindsey Vonn faces an uphill battle in defending her Olympic crown, but if anyone can do it, it’s her.


Words: Al Cuin

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