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Lance Armstrong – Lie Strong

Lance Armstrong Finally Fesses Up.

From Live Strong to Lie Strong - Former cycling superstar Lance Armstrong confesses to accusations of doping.It’s been a while since the world of competitive sport has seen such a monumental fall from grace as that experienced by Lance Armstrong over the past few months. During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the disgraced former superstar of cycling finally confessed to a litany of wrongs relating to his now infamous career. Central to the 41-year-old’s misconduct was the use of prohibited performance-enhancing substances.

Lie Strong

We should be in no doubt, Lance Armstrong’s career is now in pieces. Lie Strong has replaced Live Strong. Stripped of his hoard of wins, Armstrong now faces the threat of legal action related to sponsorship payments, prizes and litigation brought to conceal the truth and discredit whistleblowers.

For any fan of cycling, the important thing to remember is that irrespective of Lance Armstrong’s immense presence in the sport, he does not represent it. The world is fortunate to have a new generation of riders to venerate.


Photo: Jan Jacob Mekes (Creative Commons 3.0 License)
Words: Al Cuin

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