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King Louis, the Ultimate Traceur

A group of free runners and PK enthusiasts helped scientists in their study of Orangutan movement
A study conducted by the University of Roehampton has utilised the services of a group of free runners in order to make its conclusions. The investigation, which concluded earlier this month, attempted to address the question of what is the best means of travelling through the jungle. The scientists behind the research hoped that their findings would provide vital information to assist with the conservation of the world’s Great Apes, including orangutans.
The free runners were asked to complete various physical challenges whilst wearing oxygen masks and monitoring equipment. During the exercises the PK participants were being observed by the scientists, who were tracking their energy consumption. The investigation found that swinging was the most energy-efficient means of getting through the jungle, followed by jumping and then walking.
Speaking to the press, the scientist leading the study explained that the research should provide vital assistance to conservationists hoping to preserve the various species of Great Ape found in Africa and Asia. The findings help explain why primates chose to sticks to the uppers trees, rather than jumping at a lower level or walking at ground level. Swinging conserves energy and helps ensure the survival of the species.
Words By A.L.Cuin
Photo Courtesy of Chi King

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