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Introducing Swag – the U.K.’s Newest Freerun Team

Parkour and freerunning have been sweeping the nation in recent months. More and more clubs and societies are springing up across the country and the sport has been featuring increasingly in mainstream news and television. Despite the recent surge in interest, the U.K. is still sadly lacking the requisite infrastructure to ensure the demand is met. Stories of “anti-social” traceurs being penalised by the police have proliferated in the local press, as well as reports of grass roots campaigns, aimed at securing local free facilities for enthusiasts.

One of the very best aspects of the recent leap in parkour’s popularity is the emergence of a handful of seriously talented performing groups across the U.K. We at Love Extreme Sports have the great pleasure of introducing one such group, who are already taking the freerunning community by storm.

Swag Freerun was formed late in 2011 by Norwich based athlete, Toby Walter. The team is composed of six highly talented traceurs, drawn from across the country and united by their passion for the sport. They are particularly active in Portsmouth, Brighton, London and Norwich. Recently, the boys at Swag have been working on their debut video edit, which will demonstrating their immense collective skill. Keep reading for more information on Swag Freerun.

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