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Harry Main Presents Jam Time – BMX Video


Harry Main Meets His Public.


Harry Main Presents – Jam Time from Transgression on Vimeo.

Harry’s back, this time giving us a glimpse of the BMX hijinx that went down during his massively successful Jam Time session back in August of this year. The event took place at Transgression Skate Park in Edinburgh and attracted Harry’s legions, who came en masse to meet their idol and watch some of the best emerging BMXers in the land battle it out on the ramps.
Harry Main performs a trick in front of hundreds of fans at Jam Time 2012
Also in attendance on the day alongside Harry Main was Anton McGuirk, a fellow scouser, who rides for Premium UK and Aussie-based frame manufacturer Colony BMX. Anton came to prominence after doing an insanely impressive Vital BMX Power Hour shoot at Rampworks in Liverpool. He continues his epic march towards BMX immortality in this video, which shows him and Harry riding the ramps together.
Two of the U.K.'s best BMX riders meet their adoring public at Harry Main Presents Jam Time at Trangression Skatepark.
The only downside of this video is the choice of backing track. Beneath the layers of distortion lies a killer tune, but sadly that’s more or less ruined by the poor quality of the recording (or production). Deliberate or not, what should be a brilliant track ends up sounding like an MP3 that has been compressed, zipped-up, emailed, unzipped, transferred to tape and played on a knackered eighties boom box with frazzled speakers… but don’t let the music put you off watching this nice little BMX video. It’s worth the reverb.


Images and Video: Harry Main Presents Jam Time / Trangression Skate Park (Fair Use – Criticism and Review)

Words: Al Cuin

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