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Father of Whitewater Rafting Sets Out to Search for Fabled Jungle Elephant

The man credited with the invention of Whitewater Rafting has set out on a mission to track the fabled Raja Gaj, also known as the Beast of Bardia, a Nepalese jungle elephant, said to be a relative of the Woolly Mammoth. John Blashford-Snell is an explorer with an impressive record. The 73 year old ex-British Army officer has embarked on over 100 missions of exploration, venturing to the furthest flung reaches of the globe and taking on the most inhospitable terrains and climates known to mankind.

Blashford-Snell is perhaps most famous for having navigated the Blue Nile by boat, from its source in Ethiopia to its confluence with the Nile, on the Sudanese border. At the time, most people were highly sceptical about the possible of this journey ending in anything other than certain death for Blashford-Snell. The waters of the Blue Nile were thought to be too dangerous to be sailed. Quite asides from the risk of being eaten alive by a Nile crocodile, the river is peppered with rapids, whirlpools, waterfalls, eddies and sandbanks. Undeterred, Blashford-Snell, intrepidly undertook the mission. Upon successful completion, he entered the record books, as well as gaining a place in the hearts of many extreme activities enthusiasts through Great Britain and Ireland.

Blashford-Snell now embarks on a mission to discover the fabled Raja Gaj, a terrible creature that strikes fear and terror into the hearts of local villagers in the remote area of the Himalayas said to be its home. The animal, which is described as looking like a smaller version of the now extinct woolly mammoth, is said to be both particularly reclusive and particularly aggressive. One village, close to the Indian border, is said to have experienced an especially terrifying attack a few years ago when one of the creatures set upon the location with  a rampage of destruction. Reportedly, the attack left 10 villagers dead, over 20 villagers seriously injured and at least four houses totally demolished. Love Extreme Sports wishes John Blashford-Snell good luck for his mission. If anyone can track this beast, it will be this living legend.

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