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Mountain Climbing Accident – Falling Down – Guest Post

Climber’s Fall Caught on Camera.

Mountain climbing is definitely not for the faint of heart. Every year, many adrenaline junkies go in search of adventure, looking to get their thrill fix. Even with risk assessment and modern safety equipment, the possibility of a mountain climbing accident remains a present risk. Even the most experienced climbers run the risk of falling.

Mountaineering accident caught on camera

In February, a mountain climber looking to conquer one of the highest peaks in the UK took quite a tumble down the mountain. This fall got a lot of attention because the climber, Mark Roberts, was wearing a helmet-mounted camera. The entire experience was caught on tape and without so much as a scream, viewers can watch Roberts fall more than 100 feet.

It is hard to believe, but Roberts’ only injuries were a broken ankle and some bruises. He was airlifted to a local hospital to receive treatment. During the entire experience, Roberts never lost consciousness and continued to check to make sure that his helmet camera was still attached. He was hopeful that the entire incident had been caught for posterity.

Mountain Climbing Accident

Not all climbers have such luck when they fall. Late last year, an avalanche in Nepal claimed the lives of 11 after a piece of ice, the size of several football fields, came crashing down the mountain. The climbers were in their tents in the morning at around 5am when a large amount of snow came crashing down on their camp. Survivors describe climbing out of those tents as quickly as possible and being pushed down the mountain for several hundred feet..

In recent months climbers have had a lot to contend with at many mountain climbing hotspots around the world. Even seasoned climbers have started to think twice about taking on the more difficult peaks when confronted by particularly adverse weather conditions. There is no shame in heading back down when things get tricky. Safety should always come first… and mountain climbing accidents can be very unpleasant.

Sadly there are no ways of guaranteeing safety or eliminating the possibility of a mountain climbing accident when preparing for a trip. The best any climber can do is ensure they take all  necessary precautions before beginning the ascent. This includes taking well-informed local advice,  packing carefully, checking equipment for faults, properly planning the route and closely monitoring weather conditions. Most importantly, if there is anything that is likely to threaten the climb or imperil the participant’s safety, the adventure should be abandoned.

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