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Extreme Pogo in Brighton – Photos.

What do you get if you cross BMX with trampolining? Answer – The Pogo Dudes!

The City of Brighton and Hove welcomed America’s latest extreme sports phenomenon to its famous Fringe Festival this weekend and by all accounts the talented troupe did not disappoint. Performing to a packed-out, city centre crowd, the Californian athletes stunned local audiences with gravity defying displays of aerial dexterity, the likes of which would have Newton spinning in his grave. Courtesy of the festival’s sponsors, Citroën, Love Extreme Sports and Big Air Media were given the opportunity to chat to the lads before their big show.
The Pogo Dudes was established in 2007 by a group of three extreme sports enthusiasts from the United States. Since then, the team has grown to include 15 performing members, based in the USA, Canada and Great Britain. They also have affiliates in Russia and Australia. The team has performed across the globe, bringing international audiences their revolutionary brand of acrobatic display. From Hong Kong to Ireland, the Pogo Dudes have enthralled and entertained huge audiences, demonstrating conclusively that gone are the days when pogoing was just for kids.
Like all extreme sports, extreme pogo is not without its risk. Team members Fred and Curt explained that the sports is as dangerous as you make it. The bigger and more fool-hardy the trick, the greater the chance of injury, but the pay-off is the immense buzz the guys get when they successfully execute one of their stunning stunts. Both lads have battle wounds to testify to their dedication, but neither shows any sign of diminished enthusiasm.
Fred, who is one of the original founders of Pogo Dudes, started pogoing when he was eight-years-old. Unlike most kids, he didn’t give up this past time when he hit his teens, but instead, he found a way of developing his passion into an adult sport. In doing so, he and his fellow Pogo Dudes inadvertently created the world’s newest adrenaline-fuelled extreme sport.
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Photos courtesy of Big Air Media.

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