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Clapham Skatepark to Receive Major Renovation.

Clapham Common’s much neglected skatepark is about to receive a major renovation. The park, which is in an aging, battered state, will receive a £160,000 face lift, following an extensive consultation between Lambeth Borough Council and local park users. The work to renovate is currently underway and will involve overhauling the existing park entirely, replacing it with a more durable concrete facility. The new park will incorporate traditional features, such as grind rails and ramps, but will also include a number of street plaza additions, such as stairs.The renovation of Clapham’s skatepark has been in the pipeline for sometime now. After extensive lobbying from Clapham’s community of park users, the Local Authority finally conceded to the requests for improvement. The process of consultation had invited skatersin Clapham to submit their own suggestions for how the facility could be upgraded. Over one thousand enthusiasts in the area made suggestions, underscoring the fact that the facility was in big demand.The news from Clapham is the latest in a series of skatepark renovations that have been announced across the U.K. Local Authorities have been willing to invest significant amounts of money to develop facilities in their areas, having recognised the benefit they offer local communities. With continued investment in facilities across the country, the U.K.’s skate culture is likely to boom, securing the nation’s growing position as a major contributor to the international skate scene.
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