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British Surfer Warns of “Shark Attack” in Home Waters!

A British surfer has told of how he came face to face with a large shark whilst in domestic waters. Andrew Rollo was surfing Scottish waters near Aberdeen, when he was unexpectedly brushed by a shark. He claims the creature circled him, then approached again. At the time the young surfer was in shallow waters, near the mouth of a local river. He was able to utilise his board to fend off the inquisitive predator.

Experts believe that the shark in question was probably a large Mako, a species known to attack humans. The behaviour exhibited by the shark suggests it was sizing-up the surfer as potential prey. The witness, who was out with a group of 10 other surfers, claims that after he had successfully fended-off the creature, it began hassling another surfer in his group. Fortunately no one was injured as a result of the marine confrontation.

Andrew’s story is the latest of a wave of reports of shark sightings and attacks that have flooded in from across the U.K. Earlier this year, two highly experienced Cornish fishermen claimed to have had their boats rammed by a very large shark of similar proportions to the Great White. The incident was witnessed by a local Harbour Master who couldn’t believe the scene that was unfolding in front of his eyes. Shortly after this a group of kayakers in northern Scotland stated that they had seen a very large shark approaching them whilst out on the sea. One of kayakers in the party happened to be a marine biologist, who emphatically claimed that the shark in question was a Great White.

The last proven unprovoked shark attack in U.K. waters took place in the North Sea back in 1994. It is thought the victim, who suffered bite injuries had been attacked by a large Mako Shark. Before this, you have to go back another 100 years before another credible report of a shark attach on a human being can be found.

*** Photograph By USFWS ***

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