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Daredevil Aims to Smash Kitesurfing World Record

Adventurer Has Double Kitesurfing World Record In Sight.

Over a Century ago, Captain Webb famously became the first person on record to swim the English Channel. Covered in porpoise oil and fuelled by whisky, the intrepid adventurer dived-off Admiralty Pier in Dover and didn’t stop swimming until he reached the northern coast of France, twenty-two hours later. Ever since then, daredevils and adrenaline addicts have been drawn to the Kent coast by the allure of crossing the Channel in record breaking fashion. In the coming months, the stretch of water will see an attempt to set a double kitesurfing world record.

British kitesurfer is set to attempt a double kitesurfing world record by making a return English Channel crossing

Kitesurfing World Record

The extreme sports world will be treated to yet another epic Channel challenge when a British kitesurfer attempts to set a double kitesurfing world record by riding his board from England to France and then back again… all in one day. After months of hardcore training, Sam Lutman-Pauc is poised to hit the waves at any moment, ready to smash the world record for the fastest Channel crossing and simultaneously bag the title of first person to complete a successful return journey across the stretch of water by kiteboard.

The adventurer, who is based in Chichester, West Sussex, will be accompanied on his journey by a support boat crew, who’ll be filming his immense feat of endurance in order to guarantee his accomplishments are properly recorded. The mammoth mission will commence as soon as weather conditions reach their optimum state, with Sam embarking on his journey from Dungeness headland in Kent.

Sam Lutman-Pauc, who is sponsored by O’Neill, Suunto and QUBA & Co, has been kitesurfing for over ten years. Before he discovered his passion for kiting, he’d been a dedicated surfer, regularly spending time out on the freezing waves of the south coast of England, but the moment he saw kitesurfing first hand, he knew he’d discovered a new lifetime pursuit. Crossing the Channel has been an ambition of his for many years, so his impending attempt will be the realisation of a long held dream.

If Sam successfully completes his mission and sets a new kitesurfing world record , he will join a long and illustrious list of other English Channel record holders. The elite group includes Harriet Quimby, Sir Richard Branson, Jeremy Clarkson, Christine Bleakley and Felix Baumgartner, who is currently making headlines across the globe with his epic 23 mile high skydive attempt. Let’s hope the Gods of wind blow kindly on Sam as he undertakes this historic endurance adventure.

Suunto English Channel Speed Crossing from samlp on Vimeo.


Photo: Sam Lutman-Pauc ©

Words: Al Cuin

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