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BMX Video Review – Dan Searls, Kevin Keraly, Connor Lodes.

It’s time again for a round-up of some of the best BMX videos to fall onto the Love Extreme Sports radar this week. There have been plenty to chose from recently, with some awesome BMX edits going live on Youtube and Vimeo.

We picked three of our favorite, which are below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Dane Searls – Giants of Dirt:

This is the third and rather unfortunate final chapter in Dane Searls ‘Giants of Dirt’ series. The poignant video pays tribute to the time , effort and dedication it took to get to the level at which Dane was riding. The concept of jumping 50-60 ft dirt jumps is awe inspiring, especially when you consider their unpredictable nature. Few others seemed keen to try their luck with these jumps in a similar way, which demonstrates Dane’s willingness to push the limits. He has left an enormous legacy for dirt jumping.

Ride In Peace!

Kevin Keraly, Verde Bikes:

After 2 years of travelling the world and saving his best clips Kevin Keraly along with his long time sponsor Verde bring you this video. Incorporating numerous hard grind combos along with seldom seen burly gaps and lines kevin really pushes street riding up another notch on the scale.

Connor Lodes, Premium Park Edit:

Connor Lodes’ star is on the ascendancy at the moment. He’s made multiple appearances in other popular videos and is building a very strong reputation and fan base. With Connor pushing edits like this, its no wonder he’s been bumped up to pro teams rather than flow. His riding just gets better and better. I can’t wait to see more from this guy! Enjoy.

*** Photo by WillVision Photography ***

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