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BMX Video – Harry Main Talks Sponsors, Food and Travelling the World

BMX Genie, Harry Main Speaks to AlliSports.

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BMX genie, Harry Main speaks to AlliSports about his career and changing his sponsorsIt’s good to see that Harry Main gets his priorities right when deciding how to develop his BMX career. In an interview with AlliSports, the scouse rider explained that “hot girls” and “nice food” convinced him he’d made the right move by signing to BMX promoters, Simple Sessions last February. As a caveat, he also threw in some praise for the his first Simple Sessions contest, but he clearly places a lot of value on the whole experience, not just the competition.
2012 has been a year of change for Harry Main. As well as signing up to Simple Sessions, he’s also struck deals with Failure Bikes and Snafu BMX. Harry’s known for being a positive soul, but his levels of genuine enthusiasm for his new sponsors show just how stoked the 22-year-old rider is to be working with them. He’s happy to have a new level of freedom that gives him a much bigger say in what he does and how he does it. He has an input on the way his BMX parts are designed and this is really important to him.
No one who has been tracking Harry Main’s meteoric rise over the past few years will be surprised to hear that the Liverpudlian BMXer prefers making videos to competing in contests. Time and again, Harry’s edits have gone viral, attracting tens of thousands of views and helping to build his ever growing army of fans. Whilst chatting to AlliSports, he explained that his new sponsors are more than happy to let him concentrate on this aspect of his career, which is good news for his viewing public, as it will mean more BMX edits like the 2011 VX video, which currently has almost half a million views on Youtube.

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