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BMX – 16th Annual Ride BMX Nora Cup

BMX Awards Hit Las Vegas.

BMX ramp stunt, captured mid-air.  In two days time, the great and the good of the BMX world will assemble for the sixteenth annual Ride BMX Nora Cup Awards in Las Vegas. The awards ceremony is a favourite fixture of the global BMX calendar, attracting the top talent of the riding world.
Each year, a cross section of BMX pros are given the chance to nominate riders for a selection of different prizes – including best riders at ramp, flatland, dirt and street riding. As well as this, there are awards for best video, best video part and top BMX racer.
The riders that receive the most votes are presented with their award at a glitzy ceremony, which is stewarded by some of the biggest names from BMX (past and present). The night is one massive celebration of everything that is good about BMX riding.
This year’s nominees represent pretty much all the biggest names in pro BMX. Amongst my personal favourite riders appearing on the shortlist are Garrett Reynolds, Drew Bezanson and Ben Wallace. The competition for the best street rider looks like a particularly tough category to call in advance, considering it includes Chad Kerley, Ty Morrow, Garrett Reynolds, Nathan Williams and Dakota Roche.
It seems pretty likely, that given his Olympic gold medal, Maris Strombergs will walk away with the best BMX racer accolade. Both Tom Duggan and Chad Kerley are nominated twice, with both riders picking-up top five rankings in the best video part category, as well as best ramp and best street (respectively).
This year’s top five nominees for each category are:
Best Ramp Rider:
Brett Banasiewicz
Drew Bezanson
Scotty Cranmer
Tom Dugan
Dennis Enarson

Best Dirt Jumper:
Mike “Hucker” Clark
Chris Doyle
Brian Foster
Clint Reynolds
Ben Wallace

Best Flatlander:
Matthias Dandois
Viki Gomez
Alex Jumelin
Dominik Nekolny
Yohei Uchino

Best Street Rider:
Chad Kerley
Ty Morrow
Garrett Reynolds
Dakota Roche
Nathan Williams

Best Racer:
Connor Fields
David Herman
Barry Nobles
Maris Strombergs
Sam Willoughby

Best Video Part:
Mike Aitken (Killjoy)
Tom Dugan (Empire’s Bad Idea)
Chad Kerley (The Hunt)
Aaron Ross (Empire’s Bad Idea)
Dave Thompson (Killjoy)

Video Of The Year:
Any Which Way (BSD)
Bad Idea (Empire)
Killjoy (Shawn “Elf” Walters & Jordan Utley)
Skavenger (Skavenger)
The Hunt (Justin Kosman)


Photo: Kathy and Sam - Flickr Creative Commons (cc-by-2.0)

Words: Al Cuin

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    Can you please e-mail me the results of the BMX Awards in Las Vegas, or a website that I can access?

    Pat Roe

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