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Awesome BMX Edit From Matty Whyatt

Introducing BMXer Matty Whyatt.

Nitro Circus BMXer, Matt Whyatt perform a tailwhip to late 360 and shows the world why he's one of the planet's greatests riders

Despite the shortcomings of “Nitro Circus 3D” it’s undeniable that the crew behind the film harbor some impressive talents and it looks like they’re pulling out the stops to demonstrate that to the world. The team of adrenaline addicts’ latest film may have received some pretty brutal reviews, but that hasn’t stopped them from flipping a collective finger at all the naysayers.

First there was Aaron Fotheringham’s insane megaramp jump in Rio, shortly before the Paralympics. Now we can add to that a mind blowing edit from Aussie BMXer Matty Whyatt. Twenty-year-old Matthew Whyatt is one of the newest members of the Nitro Circus team and this edit shows why he was snapped up by the team.

The video documents Whyatt’s warm-up for Nitro Circus’ European Tour. It shows him tearing up the Giganta Ramp, a favourite spot for the Nitro Circus crew. The Australian BMX rider also takes part in an interview (of sorts). Matty explains that his favourite trick is his flipwhip to late 360 because it pushes his limits and gives him a massive rush when he lands it.

Nitro Circus Live: Introducing… Matty Whyatt a BMX video by nitrocircus


Photo: Nitro Circus (Fair Use – Criticism and Review)

Words: Al Cuin

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