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Alexandra Palace to Host Massive BMX Event.

Alexandra Palace in north London was designed to be a “people’s palace”. It’s therefore fitting that the location should play host to one of the biggest BMX events ever staged in the United Kingdom. The Empire of Dirt BMX contest will take place on 19th May, hosted in the historic grounds of the Grade II listed building. The contest is sponsored by Red Bull.

The event is the brainchild of elite BMX rider Kye Forte, who is part of the legendary Red Bull team. Forte, who has personally overseen the construction of the bespoke track, has suggested that the course may well be the world’s best ever. At 435 metres long, it is certainly one of the longest. The course has been constructed from 3,500 tonnes of soil, plus a huge quantity of scaffolding. It includes jumps and obstacles that surpass anything ever seen in the U.K.

It is forecast that the Empire of Dirt contest will attract upwards of 20,000 spectators over the weekend of 19th/20th May. The event will see the participation of 36 of the world’s top BMX riders, including Forte, who’ll be competing alongside his peers for the massive cash prizes on offer. Amongst the obstacles facing participants in the contest is a jump that is twice the size of a double decker bus. Unfortunately, tickets for the event have already sold out.
Follow this link for directions to Alexandra Palace.

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